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w00t!   I just made my first JT65 contact.

What’s JT65 you ask?   It’s a slow-speed, very reliable digital mode.   The best place to start learning about it is on K1JT’s page, since K1JT created it.

Here’s a summary of my setup:


I did run into a few interesting glitches.   At first, I thought I was splattering all over by over-driving my radio.   I was monitoring with another Signalink, and the waterfall looked bad.   When I was checking the power output on my transmitting radio, it looked like I wasn’t sending out anything.   It turned out that with a radio in close proximity it didn’t matter, but for practical purposes, I wasn’t sending out any signal.  After the adjustments, 4W of output power!

What were the adjustments:  I ended up with the Tx setting on my Signalink at about the 3 o’clock position.   On the radio, I set the Dig Mic at 92 [menu #25] and PSK31-U dig mode [menu #26].   At that point, my FT-817ND started showing actual power output.   Be sure to plug in the SignaLink to the Raspberry Pi before starting the WSJT-X software.   Follow the instructions in the WSJT-X manual for configuration, including selecting the sound card.




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