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Radio Jove observations

The charts below graph signals acquired from my Radio Jove receiver, digitized with a Webtronics digitizer and acquired with the Earthworm seismology software suite. The differences in the charts are based on the integration circuits between the receiver and the digitizer. Charts are updated every 5-10 minutes.

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Geek Dad! Raspberry Pi for Xmas


Geek Dad moment….  Kona, KF7PLA, received a Raspberry Pi computer and plenty of other geek toys this holiday.   We finally got around to the Rasberry Pi setup today…img-1 img-2 img-3 img-4 img-5 img-6 img-7 img-8 img-9 img-10 img-11Unfortunately, we followed the initial setup with an hour of computer-induced frustration.  For some reason, the Pi keeps shutting down.   Time to experience the “fun” of debugging computer systems…

Either way, it’s a lot of fun introducing my daughter to being a geek.



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Aftershock deployment test (U2)


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